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Pala Eyewear

PALA is an eyewear brand on a mission. A mission to put an end to poverty, to protect the planet and to enable all people to enjoy peace and prosperity.

640 million people are unable to access eye-care. A pair of spectacles is an invaluable economic tool providing empowerment for the wearer. They enable reading, learning and access to better education. They provide a chance to operate a machine, or to thread a needle and improve overall job prospects.

 As we grow we will innovate and look to do achieve even more and continue to help create change where it is needed most.

We know that getting a pair of our sunglasses to you has an environmental impact. Therefore for every delivery we make to a customer we put £1.00 towards offsetting the CO2 cost of that delivery.

We work with not-for-profit Atmosfair to offset our C02 through the financing of Wonderboxes in Nigeria and Rwanda. These incredible cooking pots will retain heat for a very long time, therefore reducing the need to burn fuel for heating and thus lowering the CO2 emissions.


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