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Sylven New York

Sylven New York is owned and operated by The Better Shop's founder, Casey Dworkin.  

As a self professed ‘shoe lover’, Casey knew she wanted to be a shoe designer from a young age. With an education in Product Design and professional roles spanning across sales, operations, marketing, and art direction, Dworkin has worked to help build and grow a variety of shoe and accessory brands on a global scale.

But it wasn’t until her NYC apartment suddenly burned down from a fire leaving her with only the clothes on her back that she began to develop the concept for her own brand.

She realized through the loss that there was a silver lining in starting over from scratch. She became hyper intentional, and much more minimal, only allowing herself to purchase items that either served a specific purpose, or brought her joy. And if one item could manage to do both, then she knew it was really worthwhile.

This methodology became the backbone for Sylven New York. Each shoe style is designed with extreme intention, taking into consideration how and where the shoe will be worn, as well as how the shoe is made.

Sylven New York only works with ethical factories and tanneries. Our goods are handmade in Spain in the exact same factories as some of the world’s top designer brands. Additionally, we place a huge emphasis on our production process and are obsessed with our materials. We use a mix of water-resistant leathers and suedes for performance as well as recycled materials and scrap leathers to reduce and reuse when we can.

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