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Everyone understands the desire to minimize their life, to throw caution to the wind, and see where their heart takes them.  To consolidate it into one bag and wonder what new adventure and life experience each day will bring.

Having personally felt the monotony of 9-6 life; Stephanie quit her job, sold her belongings, and headed East.  She chose the freedom of making her own path and exploring the world in front of her.  While traveling she noticed a lack of functional and fashionable travel gear.  So she created Wyldaire.

Wyldaire is designed and manufactured in the USA.  We hand select factories that maintain our high standards of quality and ethical practices.  Bringing the world one step closer to everyone being able to live (and travel!) on their wages.

Made to last thousands of miles and memories; we source only the highest quality fabrics and trims.  Hand designing every detail for both aesthetics and functionality.  Travel testing for durability and ease of use.  We are always seeking perfection and look to our co-creators and fellow travelers for new ideas and suggestions.

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