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Our Mission and What it Means

The Better Shop is an ethical and sustainable destination for unique and mission-minded goods, but what exactly does that mean? While 'ethical' and 'sustainable' are words we see repeated to describe this movement time and time again, there is no set definition, and these terms often mean different things to different people. With that being said, here are the ways we like to define 'ethical' and 'sustainable' and what that means for how we choose our brand partners.

Sustainability and Ethics:

Sustainability and ethics break down into a few core ideas mostly surrounding people and the planet.

For us, sustainability encompasses the environmental impact a brand has. What types of materials are used in their products? What about their packaging? Do they seek to reduce the waste they produce? Do they use recycled materials? Are their materials recyclable or compostable? Are they utilizing their resources efficiently? Are they concerned with and looking to reduce their water and energy consumption? Do they consider their products' full life cycle? And are they on a continual quest to find ways to be even better?

In terms of ethics, we ensure that our brands are treating people and resources with integrity and respect. Are brands paying fair wages to their artisans? Is everyone involved within the team being compensated fairly? What type of working conditions exist for each of these brands? Are materials being sourced in a humane way? Are they making responsible and thoughtful decisions regarding their production? And are they looking for new ways to implement and promote their ethics?

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